Lighthouse runs workshops and programs for university students and early-stage entrepreneurs.

For the past year, Lighthouse has been working with universities and creative economy centers in South Korea teaching students and entrepreneurs modern market-entry strategies to address problems that are locally important and globally relevant. We integrated our programs in the existing co-working and prototyping facilities, introducing modern software for team productivity and prototype development.

Through our sister company, Tugboat, we also provide educational programming to growth-stage technology startups and corporations, and this includes funneling talented students from our on-campus programs to fill critical positions for the innovation economy.

We help…

Hyojin Yoon, Hyesun Shin, and Yeji Kim of Blooming

Hyojin Yoon, Hyesun Shin, and Yeji Kim of Blooming

University Students

  • develop critical skills needed for modern jobs.

  • learn to work in multidisciplinary teams.

  • gain exposure to the entrepreneurial community to develop their own career goals.

Chloe Kim, CEO of DPDG

Chloe Kim, CEO of DPDG

Early-Stage Entrepreneurs

  • build a team and structure a company to take their ideas to the market.

  • quickly prototype and develop marketing materials to test their products and services with actual customers.

  • develop clear goals according to their own vision for impact and growth.


It’s not all talk.

We run hands-on workshops for teams to build prototypes and Test them in the market.


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Startups are all about teamwork. We followed the Hipster, Hacker, Hustler model for a the minimum viable startup team and build a program around it to recruit students and entrepreneurs from science & engineering, business, arts, and humanities to build robust multidisciplinary teams.


Modern Software

We introduce state-of-the-art tools for productivity, prototyping, and collaboration for the teams to shorten the development cycle and quickly product prototypes and marketing materials to assess their market opportunity.


My own ‘exit’

Not all students have to get pushed to build a startup. Some will, and we do our best to help them. We also make sure that everybody has outcomes according to their own goals. We help graduates from our programs find internships and employment in later-stage startups, and corporations.


Our workshops are delivered in-person on your premises, and we are preparing digital content to ensure you have long-term access to information.

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Workshops & Hackathons

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Digital Content



Tyler told us, ‘When you build a team and collaborate to tackle a problem, you will also fulfill your own potential.’ In that sense, I felt a deep admiration, and it was a thrill to try. Now this is real learning.
— Yeongwoon Kim, Kyunghee University (Translated from Korean
This is much better than an MBA! I have a lot of friends that went to business school, but they told me it’s not worth it, and I think I learned much more about business with you.
— Hyesun, Blooming, Kyunghee University



Our Approach

Inspired by the Martin Trust Center and REAP at MIT

Udacity, Disciplined Entrepreneurship by Bill Aulet

Udacity, Disciplined Entrepreneurship by Bill Aulet

1. Flipped Classroom with Excellent Content

Kyunghee University, KVP Global Track

Kyunghee University, KVP Global Track

2. Team Based Activites

KVP Teams; Blooming and Moitto

KVP Teams; Blooming and Moitto

3. Market Oriented Content work


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Mario Garcia-Lee
Founder and Program Lead