March 16 & 17







In two days, learn how to work together as a team that can design, build, and test a real-world product in the market.

The expert workshops will introduce key concepts in design, branding, strategy, and prototyping.



March 18 & 19





Listen to expert panels on best practices to use the market to create a positive impact on society.

Participate in roundtable discussions to create collaborative programs with international institutions.

Art & Music

Coming Soon!


Art and music are an important to imagining the future, and inspired by the Hubweek 2018 theme of We The Future, we are bringing together artists from Seoul, Boston, and Iceland to take part in the event. The artists will participate in the Workshops and Roundtables, and will also develop an arts program collaborating with with the artistic community in the city. Sykur and Rhythmatik, two bands from Iceland, all also have performances on the evenings of the workshops.




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We help…

Lighthouse develops workshops and content where entrepreneurial teams learn modern business strategies.

We collaborate with academia, public entities, and private industry to develop entrepreneurial communities through intuitive, interactive, and explorative programs.

University Graduates & Early-Stage Entrepreneurs

We work with universities and run open workshops for individuals to learn

  • how to build multidisciplinary teams.

  • ideation techniques and market entry strategies

  • to communicate their business ideas to acquire resources.

Growth-Stage Startups & Established Firms

Companies with defined products and a larger work force also work with us to

  • connect with startups to build use cases around their emerging platforms.

  • improve brand awareness

  • modernize the strategies and tools used by their workforce.

It’s not all talk.

We run hands-on workshops ThaT emphasize customer experience.

High-Level Product Design

We apply strategies from human-centered design together with robust commercial technologies to help teams focus on user-facing features. The best technology doesn’t always win, but the best user experience usually does.

Digital Sales & Marketing

We introduce state-of-the-art techniques and tools to reach global markets. Modern teams integrate their sales and marketing efforts into digital platforms and amplify their impact by engaging with creative artists.

Teamwork & Collaboration

Modern companies break through traditional boundaries and structures. Traditional hierarchies and closed offices are quickly being replaced by distributed teams and open workspaces. Doing so requires new ways to of planning and building team coherence.

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Digital Courses

We develop original content in-house and through collaborations with market leaders. Our content includes video lectures, downloadable pdf’s, and templates.

Visit Learn with Lighthouse now to view our digital courses.

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Workshops & Special Projects

Are you looking to bring our workshops to your campus or offices? Need help fostering entrepreneurial teams in your organization? Do you want to build better brand awareness of how you engage with inventors, innovators, and changemakers?

Get in touch with us and let’s discuss!


Tyler told us, ‘When you build a team and collaborate to tackle a problem, you will also fulfill your own potential.’ In that sense, I felt a deep admiration, and it was a thrill to try. Now this is real learning.
— Yeongwoon Kim, Kyunghee University (Translated from Korean
This is much better than an MBA! I have a lot of friends that went to business school, but they told me it’s not worth it, and I think I learned much more about business with you.
— Hyesun, Blooming, Kyunghee University


Our Approach

Udacity, Disciplined Entrepreneurship by Bill Aulet

Udacity, Disciplined Entrepreneurship by Bill Aulet

1. Flipped Classroom with Excellent Content

Kyunghee University, KVP Global Track

Kyunghee University, KVP Global Track

2. Team Based Activites

KVP Teams; Blooming and Moitto

KVP Teams; Blooming and Moitto

3. Market Oriented Content work


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Mario Garcia-Lee
Founder and Program Lead