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Adventures Nights explore the intersection of art, science, and the economy. Tech Night is the third event in this series, which is meant to bring in new experiences, inspirational talks, and promote collaboration across diverse communities.

New technology is the intersection of scientific discovery and engineering advances. As scientists gain a better understanding of the world, and as engineers wrangle systems with higher complexity and higher precision, humanity gains new tools that multiply productivity and impact. On Tech Night, we will discuss the power of building technology layers for a profound technologies, including artificial intelligence, distributed computing, and materials science. More importantly, this discussion will center on the benefits to humanity of implementing these technologies.



6:00pm. Doors Open

6:15-6:45pm. Activity. Building Blocks.

7:00pm-7:45pm. Panel. Technology Ventures

7:45pm-8:30pm. Work Together.

Earlier Event: October 24