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Adventures 2019: Maria Patricia Tinajero

My creative works, promoting environmental and social awareness, explore the porosity of limits as interphases for creative encounters that traverse reality and fantasy. My latest installation, I_Legal (2018) uses paper as the first technology that allows global mobilization of ideas, a kind of global immigration that explores the connections among art, history, politics and the environment.

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Adventures 2019: Guðný Sara Birgisdóttir

My name is Guðný Sara Birgisdóttir and I am an artist based in Reykjavík Iceland, currently doing a traineeship in Berlin. I have a Bachelor's degree from the Iceland University of the Arts. I have mainly worked on installations with mixed mediums such as video, sound and texts. I try to penetrate most of the senses of the viewer with visuals, audio, smell. Even the movements of the viewer and how he walks inside the exhibition space.

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