Lighthouse & OSRAM

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Im José Ramos and I work at OSRAM in the Innovation Americas team, based just outside of Boston. I absolutely love Boston and greatly enjoyed my years here as a student at MIT. My current R&D focus is horticulture, what we are calling Urban and Digital Farming. Over the years, I have worked as a mechanical engineer with a focus on energy conservation and you could say that my latest efforts relate to planet conservation, given that we are stretching the limits of conventional agriculture and must develop sustainable yet highly-productive farming technologies.

 My colleague Jerry Ryu, a native of S. Korea, is a Senior Key Expert at OSRAM and his specialty is lighting and industrial design. Jerry’s contributions to technical solutions are invaluable since simple, elegant and functional design is key to the success of any product and service. Jerry completed a Master’s at Parsons and he and I have worked closely in many projects over the past few years.

At Lighthouse, they’re working on creating opportunities for large companies and startups to find ways to work together. This is something they've found South Korean startups struggle with and it’s an issue we would like to help create a solution for.

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One of the main reasons that Jerry and I joined Lighthouse at the Korea Entrepreneurship Foundation’s (KoEF) Tough Tech Hackathon this past January was because of Blooming, a startup team from Kyunghee University. The Blooming team met at the beginning of the startup class and came up with the idea for a personalized plant management system that relied on soil sensors and grow lamps. The lighting and sensor system created an opportunity for collaboration between Blooming and OSRAM, because OSRAM is one of the world’s leading lighting technology companies. Jerry and I met Mario while the Lighthouse team was visiting Hubweek in Boston. He showed us what Lighthouse and teams like Blooming were doing, and we decided to come out to Seoul to meet some early-stage entrepreneurs and get involved in the local startup scene. Jerry and I also led sessions on design and prototyping at the Tough Tech Hackathon so the students could see how the hackathon exercises had real-life professional applications. I know I had a wonderful time interacting with the hackathon participants - and hopefully they enjoyed the experience as well 😊 Jerry and I feel that our collaboration with Lighthouse at KoEF’s Tough Tech Hackathon was highly productive, and I am certainly looking forward to coming back to Seoul…many times!

Who is OSRAM?

OSRAM is a multinational lighting manufacturer with their HQ in Germany and offices around the world. They look to work with early stage entrepreneurs and startups because they believe innovation can be anywhere. Whether they’re trying to feed the world or produce better lighting systems, OSRAM works with companies of all sizes that develop end user applications.

OSRAM has a long tradition of reinventing light. Today, its products and technologies are paving the way to the digital world of tomorrow. As Olaf Berlien, CEO of OSRAM, has recently stated: “OSRAM is a high-tech company that unlocks the potential of light to improve people’s lives.”

Learn more about OSRAM here.

Written by Jose Ramos