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Workshop | Cultural Marketing

WeWork Samsung II
Date to be Announced Soon!

This one-day workshop is for entrepreneurs and industry professionals who want to learn how to engage and interact with audiences . Successful companies selling physical goods, services, and technology products rely on a wide range of media to reach their customers. We will introduce tools that top companies have borrowed from writers, filmmakers, and visual artists to tell compelling stories and build user communities.



These events are held on weeknights from 6-8pm. The topics cover various aspects important to innovation and entrepreneurship. We want to bridge communities of the arts, technology, and business to create opportunities for collaboration, and inspire attendees to action.

All events are free and open to the public.


These events are held on weekdays, either 10am-12pm or 2-4pm. Presenters will share their current initiatives, and offer other attendees the opportunity to participate. Although the events are free and generally open, we do screen registrations according to industry relevance and commitment to action.

Dates to be announced soon.


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