Registration is currently open for individual workshops!

Thank you for your interest in our Lighthouse program in Daejeon.
We have had many requests from participants to be able to register individually to our workshops, so we opened up a separate registration form for each date. Our sessions are scheduled to run on November 9, 16, and 23.


Get your startup started!
Learn to build teams and use modern software tools to reach global markets. Our team is here to guide you.

Hyojin Yoon, Hyesun Shin, and Yeji Kim of Blooming

Mario Garcia-Lee

Strategy & Technology

Tyler Rasch

Tyler Rasch

Branding & Communication

Semin Oh.jpg

Semin Oh

Digital Marketing & Entrepreneurial Sales


Experience the entrepreneurial spirit
Bring art, science, and technology together to build your skills, work with a team, and develop great ideas into a business.


Lighthouse Daejeon Startup Program
| Global Markets, Business Models, and Technology prototyping.

Info Session

If you would like to know more, come to our info session at the Daejeon Creative Economy Center on Friday, November 2, 2018 at 14:00–18:00.

** Registration is free, and the program is open to English and Korean speakers.
(Please see the FAQ at the bottom of the page)


It’s not all talk.
Our workshops are based on Bill Aulet’s Disciplined Entrepreneurship. We will cover the Six Themes of Entrepreneurship, which is the framework that Bill has used successfully at the Martin Trust Center at MIT.

Orientation + Part 1

Nov. 9 13:00–17:00
Daejeon Creative Economy Center

Customer Value

Mario Garcia-Lee
Tyler Rasch
Semin Oh

Hackathon I

Nov. 16 10:00–17:00
Daejeon Creative Economy Center

Design Basics
Market Entry

Richard Peterson
Mario Garcia-Lee
Tyler Rasch
Semin Oh

Hackathon II

Nov. 23 10:00–17:00
Daejeon Creative Economy Center

Design Basics II
Digital Marketing – Web
Digital Marketing – Video

Mario Garcia-Lee
Semin Oh

Networking Event!

Nov. 28 18:00–21:00
WeWork Yeouido Station


Benny Kim,
Startups, and


Experience startups.
Entrepreneurship is not about contests, it’s about delighting your customer. Develop an idea, test it with customers, create a business model, and present to different stakeholders. We help you find your way.


Startup Dream team

The Dream Team will fill the three roles of hipster, hacker, hustler. Learn to work with multidisciplinary teams to have an impact on the market.


TEST the Real world

Test your ideas by building prototypes and sharing them with customers. Talk to people, interview companies, and determine the value you add to the market.


Apply your skills anywhere.
Learn how to use world-class software for your startup idea, and take that experience with you on your next projects or your new job.


Make your own exit.
Take your entrepreneurial skills and training in the direction that fits you. Apply the lessons learned to achieve your goals.


This is much better than an MBA! I have a lot of friends that went to business school, but they told me it’s not worth it, and I think I learned much more about business with you.
— Hyesun, Blooming, Kyunghee University

미국 보스턴의 기업가 정신 교육을 바탕으로 한 워크샵을 통해 세계 시장에 진출하는 방법과 도구와 함께 여러분 자신을 발견하세요.


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오세민 Semin Oh
Lighthouse Community Lead