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March 18 & 19

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Adventures 2019

Roundtables is a two-day conference on March 18 (Monday) and 19 (Tuesday) for organizations working to develop the innovation ecosystem of South Korea, including corporations, academic institutions, government agencies, and investors. We will discuss and seek out collaboration on developing better and more collaborative innovation and entrepreneurship support.

The goal for the Roundtables is to create a clear action plan among the speakers and participants to collaborate in the future.

The keynote and panels will include experts from the United States, Europe, and Korea presenting their findings and working knowledge on the state of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Korea, inclusivity and diversity in the workforce, and impact-driven entrepreneurship.

Modern technology and capital can be used to design better organizations that address human needs, especially those of health, productivity and well-being. The markets can be harnessed to allow individuals to lead happy, satisfying lives. The year 2020 is approaching quickly and we can not continue to live with systems designed in the 1920s. Join us to create a new future.

Speakers and Panelists

Visiting from Boston, USA

Residents in Seoul, Korea

General Themes

Innovation and entrepreneurship can do more than just provide financial returns in capital markets. Although venture capital investments and exits can be a good indicator of activity in an innovation ecosystem, the end goal of innovation can be to provide benefits to a wider range of stakeholders. More specifically, innovation has the power to drive improvements in quality of life, making society better and liberating resources to pursue human values.


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Innovation in healthcare is no longer confined to clinical uses. Many technologies have dual use both within a hospital setting as well as for consumer products that improve physical and mental health.


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As competition becomes more global, it is important for firms to recruit and equip a workforce to effectively enter international markets. New technologies that drive more productive workforces and manufacturing sectors are key to future economic growth.


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Our social and physical environments define our human experience. Global warming, air pollution, and ecosystem degradation greatly impact quality of life and dampen economic output. Society will continue to move to have better stewardship of the environment, and this will present a challenge and an opportunity for innovators.